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Subsidy/Rebates, Concessions, Permits Etc.


Kerala State Warehousing Corporation (KSWC) operates under the Warehousing Corporation Act 1962 (Central Act 58/1962)

The Kerala State Warehousing Corporation is providing scientific storage facilities for more than 250 commodities at 55 number of Warehouses.

Kerala State Warehousing Corporation allows 10% rebates to the Registered Co-operative Societies and Bonafied Agriculturists on the total bill of storage charges. Storage charges are collected from the customers as per storage charge schedule of KSWC. The schedule however will not apply in cases where Head Office enters into agreement with any customer separately. The Managing Director of the Corporation is empowered to make such agreements; if any with the depositors and to make any changes in the schedule found necessary in the interest of business.

No Subsidy is provided by Kerala State Warehousing Corporation on Storage Charges.

As a bailee of the stocks stored in its Warehouses, the Corporation does not grant any permits, Concessions and authorisations of any kind to the public.